What is Twitter DM bot (Direct Message Chat Bot)? Benefits and Use Cases 6 Selection

Do you know that you can use the features of the chatbot with Twitter’s direct message?

By direct message, it is possible to communicate one-to-one with users and to some extent personalized communication.

Similar chatbots have already been used on LINE and Facebook, but similar images can be used with Twitter direct messages (detailed functions and possibilities are different). If LINE’s auto answer function is used, many people may have used it as a user?

In this article, we will explain in detail about the direct message chatbot of Twitter, the actual use case and the merit of utilizing it.

Table of contents

  1. What is Twitter DM bot (Twitter Direct Message Chat Bot)
  2. Use case of Twitter DM bot
  3. Benefits of using Twitter DM bot (Twitter direct message chatbot)
  4. How is Twitter DM bot (Twitter Direct Message Chat Bot) effective?
  5. Summary

1. What is Twitter DM bot (Twitter direct message chatbot)

Twitter Direct Message Chat Bot (hereinafter Twitter DM bot) is a function that can automatically reply to messages received on Twitter DM.

In 2016 API has already been released for developers, and some developers were able to develop bots.

In the announcement of April 2017, functions such as welcome message and quick reply are updated. As a result, the field not only one specific answer, such as the inquiry of the scheduled delivery of pizza orders and luggage, practical uses can now.

Along with sending text messages as well as location information, companies such as Evernote, Pizza Hut, Airbnb, etc. have used this system for their own services. Because we can freely develop using API, it is thought that various enterprises will continue to use it.

This video is an image when using Twitter DM bot for delivery inquiries. Just enter the tracking number of the package, you will immediately reply the delivery schedule.

In addition, Twitter itself does not call it “Bot (bot)” but uses the name such as “welcome message” “quick reply”.

“Welcome message” and “quick reply”

As a case to utilize Twitter DM bot in companies, you can use reply to specific keywords and use of functions such as welcome message and quick reply.

Twitter What is a “welcome message” in a direct message

A welcome message is a message displayed from the beginning on the DM screen.

When a user tries to send a DM, it always gets in the eyes, so you can deliver the message you want to convey accurately. In addition to self-introduction, greetings, explanation of how to use, etc., various ways of use such as campaign information and corporate brand image can be considered.

It is also possible to display originality content by setting not only text but also images and links.

By setting up such a welcome message, you can lower the psychological barriers of users and expect to be able to start a conversation smoothly.

Twitter Direct message “quick reply”

Quick reply is a mechanism that makes it easy for users to send messages by presenting choices. By setting arbitrary buttons such as inquiry contents and question items, the user can easily send a message by pressing these buttons.

This quick reply function can also be used for promotion tweets displayed on the timeline.

In this way the format with the button in the tweet is called direct message card, you can install up to 4 buttons. A user can send a direct message by simply pushing a button in the advertisement tweet, so it is possible to make inquiries easily.

2. Examples of using Twitter DM bot

Let’s see a case where you actually use Twitter DM bot.

Case 1: NBA (@ NBA)

In the North American professional basketball league NBA account, answer your favorite team, you can introduce Twitter accounts for that team and watch videos about NBA.

It makes a brief explanation with a welcome message, which makes it easier to understand what to do. In addition, the team name is only selected by quick reply function, so you do not have to bother entering.

Case 2: ToysRUs (@ ToysRUs)

In Toys R Us, a toy sales company, it is now possible to inquire about mail-order sales. As you enter the order number, the customer service team will be contacted to help you achieve faster customer support. In addition, users can obtain various kinds of information by choosing inquiries about shops and explanations of birthday members by quick reply.

Case 3: The Economist (@ The Economist)

Economist, which distributes economic and international news, various categories are set as a quick reply option. If you select something that interests you, it will recommend articles that match that category.

In addition to being able to read the article on the linked site, you can introduce the article by tweet. Without searching on the site, you can efficiently search articles you want to read.

Case 4: United Airlines (@united)

With United Airlines account, you can search for flights departing from your current location and check flight information. We utilize the location information sending function installed in April 2017, and when the user shares location information we will present a couple of flights from where we are now.

You can also check the flight status by entering the flight number of the aircraft.

Case 5: The Weather Network (@weathernetwork)

In the Weather Network account that weather information is delivered, we will tell you the weather by entering the region name.

The weather forecast is displayed instantly simply by selecting the current weather, the weather forecast for the time, the weather forecast for the week etc. from the quick reply. Since I will save the region name I entered once, when I want to check the weather next time it is easy to just press the quick reply button.

Case 6: Ask Dyson (@ AskDyson)

AskDyson is an account of Dyson’s customer service team. You can get support by contacting the serial number, address and telephone number of the product you want to contact with DM. We urge users to send DMs to reply, so we can support smoothly .

3. Benefits of using Twitter DM bot (Twitter direct message chatbot)

Although overseas have already used some cases, there are merits for both companies and users when using Twitter DM bot.

Benefits for companies

From the standpoint of the company side, reduction of man-hours for inquiries will be a big advantage.

If you can automate reply to inquiries coming from users as much as possible, you can greatly reduce the effort required by people. If you set simple answers, you can answer automatically if you set answers, and you can respond more quickly than people do. This will shorten the time users wait for a reply and increase customer satisfaction.

Benefits for users

Because you are not a human but a bot partner, users can feel free to contact us then email or phone. There is no need to worry about time and holidays, so it will be a great merit to have a reply soon.

Depending on the settings, DM can be sent even if you do not follow the company account, so it is convenient not to need procedures like adding friends from LINE. Also, if Quick Reply is set, you only need to press the button of the choice, and you do not have to take the trouble of writing sentences.

4. How is usage effective for Twitter DM bot (Twitter direct message chatbot)?

So, if you would like to incorporate Twitter DM bot, what kind of usage can be considered? Let’s think about some examples based on the case.

1. Automate customer support

General questions such as individual necessity are not necessarily enough, Twitter DM bot is enough to correspond. Also, as with AskDyson, the first contact with customer support will be accepted from DM, after that the operator will respond effectively.

Especially if the target layer of products and services is a young generation, customer support using Twitter DM bot is thought to be accepted without resistance.

2. Recommendation of entertainment content

Telling your favorite team in the example of NBA will introduce the Twitter account, it will be easier for users to accept content recommendations tailored to their preferences. The usage of introducing news articles like Economist not only improves the user’s convenience but also makes it possible for companies to accurately deliver contents to target users.

If you answer the question, you tell us recommended music and taught cooking recipes tailored to your taste, and it seems that there are various ways to use it.

3. Utilization of location information

Like United Airlines, it is also effective to utilize location information. The user can obtain information on the current location simply by sending the location information without entering an address etc. This makes it possible to use such as recommending shops located near the place you are at present or providing sightseeing information.

4. Fun Content

If it is an account that has become a character, you can think about how you can enjoy the conversation with the character by devising a reply. Also, is not it compatible with diagnostic content such as fortunetelling and psychological tests, that the configuration that chooses options according to questions?

5. Conclusion

By using Twitter DM bot, we found that both companies and users benefit. Since we had few cases in Japan yet, we introduced mainly examples of overseas accounts, but in the future, the number of companies to utilize in the future may increase.

Twitter that can be connected easily to businesses is easy to receive content of entertainment and retrospect, and Twitter DM but can also be utilized uniquely.

The introduction of chatbots has already begun in LINE and Facebook. For bots other than Twitter please see the following article.


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