The HyperX Cloud Flight S is a remarkable wireless headset with an uninteresting mic

Hyperx Cloud Flight S Source: Android Central

Offered the standard kind of a headset, you ‘d be surprised at how much they can all vary between brands and models. And what’s in the headset is simply as essential as what’s on the outside.

I have actually evaluated a couple of HyperX products formerly, but this is the first headset I have actually tried out from the business. It also takes place to be the very first wireless headset I have actually used for any prolonged length of time. I honestly can’t see myself returning to wired headsets now. I can’t state how it compares to other cordless headsets, but I can certainly say that no matter its competition, the HyperX Cloud Flight S is an impressive headset by itself.

At a look

HyperX Cloud Flight S

Bottom line: When it comes to comfort, audio quality, and user experience, HyperX clearly aims as high as possible. It does not always hit the mark, but the HyperX Cloud Flight S is still a pleasure to use.

The Good

  • Change between 7.1 surround sound and stereo
  • Excellent audio quality
  • 30- hour battery life
  • Comfy
  • 90 ° rotating earcups
  • Removable microphone
  • Easy to use on-headset controls

The Bad

  • Irregular and minor fixed feedback
  • Microphone audio is absolutely nothing special
  • Just suitable with PS4 and PC
  • Micro-USB charging

HyperX Cloud Flight S What I like

Hyperx Cloud Flight S Rotating Earcup Source: Android Central

I’ve had headsets that supported surround sound, however never any that let me choose to turn it on or off. With the ability to switch in between 7.1 virtual surround noise and stereo at the press of a button, the HyperX Cloud Flight S makes it so that you truly appreciate the distinction between the two.

The virtual surround sound is extraordinary.

Its claim of lasting 30 hours is based on a test run at 50%headphone volume by the company.

The Qi wireless charging pad is nice.

Typically, I do not like on-headset controls for the very reason that they never give me any great sign as to what I’m pressing. Still, the controls on the HyperX Cloud Flight S are user-friendly with accompanying audio hints.

Category Specification
Weight320 g
Driver diameter50 mm
Frequency action10 Hz– 22 kHz
Microphone pattern Bidirectional
Speaker impedance32 ohms
Battery life30- hours
Wireless range Approximately 20 meters (2.4 GHz)

I’m happy to state when it comes to comfort, this was one of the much better headsets I’ve worn. I still think the Razer Kraken X takes the crown as many comfortable, in my opinion, specifically with my glasses, but the HyperX Cloud Flight S came close. In between my two pairs of glasses, I could comfortably wear this headset for hours at a time without feeling any pressure.

It may not be Bluetooth, but linking with a dongle has its own perks, too.

As for the earcups, you’re able to rotate them 90 degrees.

HyperX Cloud Flight S What I do not like

Hyperx Cloud Flight S Back Of Mic Source: Android Central

I’ll keep this area short since there aren’t a lot of issues with this headset. I found that when using it on PS4 and PC, I could hear slight static feedback at times, however it was irregular and, for the many part, might be entirely ignored when audio was playing. And I’ll chalk it as much as me viewing the sounds that electrical energy makes more than the average individual may.

The microphone isn’t anything to compose house about, either.

I also would have liked it if the Cloud Flight S was compatible with Xbox, PS4, and PC, but regretfully it does not deal with Microsoft’s console.

Without utilizing the Qi wireless charging pad, the HyperX Cloud Flight S otherwise charges via micro-USB. I would have chosen USB-C, however it wasn’t a deal-breaker.

Should you purchase the HyperX Cloud Flight S? Yes

Hyperx Cloud Flight S Source: Android Central

All things considered, the HyperX Cloud Flight S will be my go-to headset going forward, at least for PS4 and PC.

What I would have liked was to see it support Xbox One in addition to PS4 and PC. I play both consoles relatively routinely, and it’s disappointing that when I want to switch over between the two, I need to switch headsets. Integrated with its less-than-stellar microphone, it’s not best, but it sure is a terrific headset.

Surround noise

HyperX Cloud Flight S

Great for gaming

When it comes to comfort, audio quality, and user experience, HyperX plainly aims as high as possible.

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