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Instagram Survey! Stories posting by influencer is overwhelmingly seen by companies

In August 2017, Instagram Stories was introduced and it has been one year. Although advertisements can be advertised in Stories, there are still a lot of people who are still fumbling in how to utilize it or have not actually felt the effect so much even with a lot of effort.

Since the company, New York City-based software company Delmond started to offer Instagram analysis tools in August, we have observed more than 800 Instagram accounts to explore trends and best practices of Stories posting, We are reporting. The following is the trend.

Table of contents

  1. The story’s viewing rate is high, and the brand seizes their interests
  2. It is the influencer that leads to Instagram Stories
  3. The relationship between the completion rate and the number of stories posted
  4. Are the points during the afternoon and night time?
  • Stories’ viewing rate is high, brands are grasping their interests

Especially brands and influencers are convinced that Stories contributes to their reach and engagement. However, it seems that the penetration rate on the business side is still low as it is now. Of the more than 800 accounts surveyed, the number of accounts that story has been posted within the past 30 days (in October) is only about 16% of the total.

  • Instagram Stories leads are influencers

What Dermond gauged as a highly valuable metric for analysis was the completion rate (percentage of those who saw Stories posts from the beginning to the end).

As you can see from this graph, the completion rate of story post submissions by influencers is over 80 %, followed by entertainment industry and sports industry accounts accounted for 67%. Similarly, in Japan, influencers tend to be more active in utilizing Stories posts than corporate accounts, so they are surprised at the fact that stories posting by influencers lead across all industries as much as possible It seems no problem.

  • The relationship between the completion rate and the number of stories posted

The graph below shows the relationship between the completion rate and the actual contribution number of Stories posts.

Stories posted 0 to 10 and completion rate of about 70% of the time was, 11 ~ and 20 when you post about 65%, completion rate as the number of posts is going to increase is gradually decreased but will continue , It seems that there is a temporary rise in that rate when it exceeds 60 posts .

There are only a few samples of accounts that are posting more than 60 Story’s posts, but create a flip cartoon-like creative with story postings divided into several times, such as ” Chipotle ( Chipotle )” which offers Mexican grill in North America Case too. They are thought to be attributable to this completion rate. In the future, I would like to pay attention to the method of using the story.

  • Are the points during the afternoon and night time?

From the posts that pull out the completion rate of 70% or more, Delmond says the time zones “12 pm – 7 pm” and “8 pm – 12 am” are suitable for story posting.

In SNS marketing and account management discussion about recommendation posting time is of great interest, but always keep in mind that strong content surpasses subtle content posted on best day and time It is necessary to put it.

Although the results obtained from these surveys are not necessarily certain, it seems to be one of the useful things to consider for future use of Instagram Storie’s posting.

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