How to use SNS “LinkedIn” specialized in business · How to make company page Summary

SNS specialized in business “LinkedIn”. It is not yet major in Japan, but overseas, individuals are widely supported by business people, such as spreading personal connections about work and using e-learning for skill improvement. In addition, we are also making use of enterprises, and they are also used for recruitment and marketing, such as acquiring excellent talent and acquiring potential customers.

About such LinkedIn, we will explain in detail how to create a company page for how to use it.

1. What is LinkedIn (LinkedIn)

LinketIn (LinkedIn) is an SNS specialized in business. Under the mission “Support work and careers of professionals all over the world”, I started in the United States in 2003.

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Unlike general SNS that posts hobbies and every day, it is characterized by being able to broaden the work connection such as business partners and clients. In Japan, service has started in 2011, but compared with the world there are not so many users.

2. How can I use LinkedIn?

If you are an individual user, you can connect with people in the same industry or occupation and use it to broaden your personal connections. People thinking about getting a job or changing jobs have the function of gathering corporate information and contacting companies.

Not only the individual but also the company can make the page, it is used for appealing business and service of the company. In addition, there are companies that use it as a tool for direct recruiting because they can reach users who are disclosing their careers and skills.

3. About Paid Plan of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is basically free to use, but there are also four types of the pay plan.

Job hunting plan, as its name suggests, is a plan for users looking for jobs or changing jobs. You can contact a recruiter who is not connected, or you can browse data on applicants for recruitment.

A business plan is a plan for business people who want to broaden their work connections and improve their skills.

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A sales plan is a plan that is useful for marketing activities. You can acquire real-time information on business partners and prospects, and save the profiles of people who are likely to become salespeople.

The recruitment plan can take advantage of functions that are beneficial for the recruitment of outstanding people such as collective management of human resources data and tracking candidates for recruitment.

For individuals who want to use without having to skim the LinkedIn and companies wanting to exploit new customers and adopt excellent talents, it is recommended to utilize a toll plan.

4. How to create a LinkedIn account

LinkedIn can create an account for free. When creating a company page, you need to create a personal account in advance. First, I will show you how to create a personal account and then how to create a company page.


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