How to use basic information on checking in on Facebook page and how to integrate informal spots

Have you seen the indication “Facebook is in XX (shop/company name)” on Facebook’s news feed? Also, have you noticed the item “Check-in ○” on the Facebook page of the company or store?

Generating services and shop pages on Facebook and sending out information is common, but among the various functions that accompany this Facebook page, the “check-in function” is a function of the store’s PR It is very effective. In this article, I will explain about this “check-in function”.

Table of contents

  1. What is Facebook’s check-in function?
  2. Benefits of Facebook check-in function for companies
  3. How to enable Facebook check-in function
  4. You are checked in to an unofficial Facebook page
  5. Summary

1. What is Facebook ‘s check-in function?

Have you seen the following posts in Facebook News Feed?

Facebook has a “check-in function” that allows you to post your location information when you are at a specific spot.

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How to check in

If you select “Check in” from the options that come up when you click “What are you doing now?” At the top of the news feed, if the GPS function is enabled, the spot information of the surroundings is automatically displayed I will.

If you disable the GPS function or if you do not see the place you want to check in, candidates for entering a company or shop are displayed in “Location”, so if you select the place you want to check in, You can post in information to your news feed.

Operation with the Facebook application is easier, and when you tap the “check-in” mark right under “What are you doing?” At the top of the application, the place where the surrounding check-in possible is automatically displayed So it is done by tapping the place you want to check in and pressing the submit button.

2. What is the merit of Facebook check-in function for a company?

Whether users can check in on Facebook pages can be changed by the settings of the page administrator. So what is the benefit of having a “check-in function” effective for a company?

The best merit is probably the advertisement/attraction effect.

By announcing that users are visiting their own store and their own store and by commenting on their impressions etc., if the “friends” of the user who saw the news feed is interested, or if they had visited before, they will repeat There is a possibility of becoming an opportunity.

In addition, if you have linked check-in spots with your Facebook page, you can expect actions such as interested users checking detailed information and doing “Like” on the page.

3. How to enable Facebook check-in function

We will introduce in detail how to enable “check-in function”.

Step 1: Select “Edit page information” from “…” on the right of “Like”, “Follow”, “Share” in the lower left corner of the cover page of the Facebook page.

Step 2: Scroll the “Edit Information” screen, check “I have an address” at “Address” and enter the address of your company/store.

In order to raise the accuracy of automatic detection by GPS, it is better to enlarge the map as much as possible and adjust the pin so that it overlaps with the actual place.

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Step 3: Check “Add customers to business location (address)” at the bottom of the map and click “Save changes” to complete.

About the category of the Facebook page that can use the check-in function

By the way, the categories of Facebook pages that can be checked in are limited to “company/organization” and “local business” at the moment. If you do not seem to be able to activate check-in, you have to change the category.

When you change a category, as you enter a letter in “Category” at the top of the “Edit Information” screen, the choices will come out, so you can add and change by selecting the best one from them.

In addition, since you can register up to three categories, if you are dealing with multiple services and products, please register them.

When checked in to an informal Facebook page spot

In order to create a check-in spot, you will need a Facebook page, so it’s not common for us to have check-in spots for your company or our store already in the usual case.

In general, however, the user has got to make a spot ahead in order to check-in on their own, will gather a lot of check-in to a spot that has been made earlier than the official spot of their Facebook page is also the case that I am awake.

The problem with this case is that if more than one candidate comes out to the place where you tried to check in, the user misunderstands the one with the larger number of check-ins as a regular spot, and it is only for the informal checkpoint It is a situation that check-in number increases.

We will show you how to deal with this situation.

Integrating informal Facebook pages

First, open an informal spot and click the link “Owner of this spot” displayed in the lower right of the cover photo.

Then you will see a screen of “(owner’s request) (spot)”.

Here are two ways to respond, the first is to integrate this spot on the Facebook certified official Facebook page.

The other one is to become the owner of this spot by following the procedure of telephone confirmation or document submission.

In case of becoming the owner of the spot, upload scans and photographs of public certificates such as “Utility Fee Receipt”, “Business License”, “Tax Payment Certificate”, “Company Establishment Agreement”, and apply to Facebook to approve it is needed.

Acquire certification mark ( supplement )

Even if you integrate informal pages and spots in this way, it is not necessarily the case that another informal spot will not occur in the future.

In such a case, if you acquire a certification mark to prove that your Facebook page is official, it will always be given priority to the top. You can avoid users from checking in to informal pages.

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4. Conclusion

Although it is an effective Facebook page as a place of business information dissemination, by enabling the check-in function, you can expect more efficient advertisement/customer attraction effect.

To make the most of that advantage, you also need to check whether informal pages or informal check-in spots are not made. This is because if you can not direct the user to the Facebook page of your company or store properly, no matter how good information you send, you will be out of the air.

By taking measures to ensure that the user can check in to the official page even if taking some trouble of getting the certification mark and maintaining the spot, information dissemination on the Facebook page will be even more effective I will.


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