Google launches new accreditation courses for cloud developers and engineers

Google launches new accreditation courses for cloud developers and engineers

Google today announced the launch of four new certification and training programs for cloud developers and engineers: Professional Cloud Developer, Professional Cloud Network Engineer (beta) and Professional Cloud Security Engineer (beta), as well as a new G Suite certification. The G Suite certification stands out a bit because it’s cheaper ($75) and far less technical than its counterparts…

Google today revealed the launch of four brand-new certification and training programs for cloud designers and engineers: Specialist Cloud Designer, Expert Cloud Network Engineer(beta) and Expert Cloud Security Engineer(beta), in addition to a new G Suite accreditation

The G Suite accreditation sticks out a bit because it’s less expensive ($75) and far less technical than its counterparts in today’s release, but as Google notes, the overall idea here to resolve the “cloud skills crisis.” The reason for the G Suite course, Google says, is that the “key to an effective cloud change is developing skills throughout the organization.” To guarantee this, the G Suite test tests your knowledge in essential functions of Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Drive and other G Suite tools. If you’re extremely technical, that may seem unneeded, but for lots of, making the relocation from Workplace to G Suite is undoubtedly rather a challenge.

The other examinations, like the Cloud Designer accreditations, test your capability to design, develop, test, handle and secure applications on the Google Cloud Platform They tend to cost around $200 and can be found in the form of multiple choice examinations. To prepare for them, you can study with the assistance of both on-demand and instructor-led courses from Coursera and other Google partners

Google notes that IT managers have a tough time discovering prospects with the ideal skills, so it’s trying to resolve this with these brand-new certification programs and the accompanying training tools.

The new accreditations sign up with Google’s existing ones, that include the Expert Cloud Designer, Expert Data Engineer and Partner Cloud Engineer accreditations.

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