Google Cloud service interruption which stopped YouTube, Gmail is now resolved

Google Cloud service interruption which stopped YouTube, Gmail is now resolved

tech2 News Staff Jun 03, 2019 10: 23: 28 IST

Google items such as YouTube, Gmail, Gsuite and more in the US had actually suffered a short-lived failure but services have now been brought back. As per Google, the primary reason for the problem happened to be Google’s Cloud service that powers these apps.

Google Cloud service outage which stopped YouTube, Gmail, Snapchat is now resolved

Google. Reuters

The most affected were on the east coast of the US but as per a report by The Edge, YouTube was down in some parts of Europe as well. Indian users, to the finest of our understanding, did not experience this Google shutdown. The issues started appearing by 12.00 pm PT (1230 am IST, next day) and Google solved it in four hours.

Apart from just Google services, Snapchat, Discord, Nest and more items were likewise impacted as they work on Google Cloud on the backend. A Google representative told The Brink that ” high levels of network congestion in the eastern USA” is to be blamed for the problem.

This interruption comes in the background of an ongoing fight of the business with United States antitrust regulators who have actually reportedly evinced a new interest in pursuing competitors charges against Google.

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Federal governments all over the world are ending up being progressively unnerved by the power accumulated by major innovation companies– with the dominance of Google in search, Facebook in social networking and Amazon in e-commerce raising the sharpest concerns. In the most dramatic scenario, a case may be made for breaking the companies into smaller pieces.

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