CloudBees, a San Jose, California-based software supplier making DevOps services for enterprises, has actually captured a well-funded startup in the continuous app shipment, release, automation, and release area. At its CloudBees Days conference in San Francisco, the company today announced that it has actually gotten Electric Cloud to support its “larger strategy” in the software delivery management classification.

Regards to the offer were not revealed.

” Since today, we provide customers with best-of-breed CI/CD software from a single vendor, developing CloudBees as a constant delivery powerhouse,” CEO and cofounder Sacha Labourey said in a declaration. “By integrating the strength of CloudBees, Electric Cloud, Jenkins, and Jenkins X, CloudBees provides the finest CI/CD service for any application, from timeless to Kubernetes, on-premise to cloud, self-managed to self-service.”

Electric Cloud’s release management, orchestration, and automation platform makes it possible for clients like Samsung, E-Trade, GM, and Hyundai to marry app implementations with the concept of a constant software application delivery pipeline. The company’s ElectricFlow item, for instance, allows dev teams to manage releases “at scale” by sharing versatile pipelines and delivering actionable insights into the status of releases. Meanwhile, ElectricAccelerator speeds up app-building and testing by smartly parallelizing tasks across on-premises and cloud processors.

Electric Cloud raised $646 million prior to its exit from Siemens’ Endeavor Capital, US Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, RRE Ventures, Rembrandt Venture Partners, and other investors.

” We are looking forward to joining CloudBees and carrying out on our shared goal of assisting clients construct software application that matters,” said Electric Cloud CEO Carmine Napolitano. “The mix of CloudBees’ industry-leading continuous combination and continuous delivery platform, in addition to Electric Cloud’s industry-leading application release orchestration service, provides our consumers the very best foundation for launching apps at any speed the organisation needs.”

CloudBees was established in 2010 by previous JBoss CTO Sacha Labourey and supplies business support around Jenkins, an open source automation server composed in Java that runs in serverlet containers such as Apache Tomcat. It offers plugins and a cloud-based Jenkins service for clients like Hyatt, Cisco, EMC, and the Federal Reserve and has drawn in $1132 million in venture financing to date from backers that include Matrix Partners, Lightspeed Endeavor Partners, Verizon Ventures, Delta-v Capital, Golub Capital, and Unusual Ventures.

” Having the Electric Cloud offerings under the CloudBees umbrella provides companies a higher capability to handle the delivery of worth to customers,” stated Christina Noren, chief product officer at CloudBees. “It’s not practically speed– it’s about delivering organisation value securely and effectively with confidence at high speeds. By combining our strengths, we will supply customers with a software application shipment system that helps them link and determine all end-to-end activities, from development all the way through to implementation and release.”

CloudBees competes with a variety of suppliers in a sector that’s on the upswing. There’s Red Hat’s OpenShift and Salesforce’s Heroku, along with Cloud Foundry and Apprenda– not to mention Engine Backyard and Stackato. According to Statista, the marketplace grew from $283 million in 2010 to $8.6 billion in 2018.

Today’s news follows CloudBee’s acquisition of DevOps and constant combination and delivery firm Codeship last year and follows it scooped up Stax Networks, a Java platform-as-a-service services provider, in December 2010.

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