[For beginners] I know how to use Twitter! Basic terminology that starts from scratch

Twitter is a popular SNS that is popular among young people in Japan. There are many cases that companies use for marketing. This time I would like to keep it as a marketer, I summarized basic knowledge of Twitter and basic terms.

Table of contents

  • About Twitter
  • Twitter-related glossary
  • Summary

What is Twitter

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Today, about 45 million people are using it in Japan. In terms of the number of users in the world as a whole, it is over 300 million people, and it is one of the SNSs with many users.

The main function is a simple thing of posting up to 140 characters of text (= tweet) at a time. However, it is more diffusive than Facebook and Instagram because it has the characteristic that the tweet originated by “Retweet” function is diffused one after another to other users.

Also, unlike SNS connected by approval of accounts, it is characterized in that it often follows one’s way (such as favorite registration) users who do whatever they prefer. Because it connects with hobbies and interests, it is one of the attractions that makes it easy to interact with people you do not know at all.

Twitter-related glossary

Here I will introduce the terms frequently used on Twitter with a brief explanation.

  • Tweet

“Tweet” is to post texts, images, videos, etc. on Twitter. You can enter text in the long input field on the top screen. You can post up to 140 letters in one post, and the number of tweets is displayed on the right side of the home screen. Sometimes it is called “tweets”

  • Timeline / TL

When you open Twitter, the screen that appears first will be called “Timeline”. Tweets of others and tweets of others are displayed in chronological order. Following your favorite account will make it appear preferentially like images.

About follow

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  • Follow

When you find a user who tweets your interests and preferences, click “Follow” like an image. By doing so, the tweets you followed will be displayed in the TL in the center of the screen. Following a follow-up similar to a regular subscriber in a newspaper or magazine, you can see that the followers have increased to the other party.

Following is basically done unilaterally, there is no need to approve or accept. Approval is required only when following a keyed (unpublished) account.

  • Followers

It refers to those who regularly read their tweets = followers.

  • Supplement: follow-back

Follow and return the person who followed you. It is called “Follower” for short.

About the basic operation of each tweet

  • Reply (Reply) / tweet

It is a function to reply to tweets. Sometimes it is called “rip” for short.

  • good

It is a function that you can feel empathy with ease to the content you posted. You can also view the tweets you’ve liked ‘at a later time, so you can use it as a favorite list. Just pressing the heart mark makes “Good” complete.

  • Retweet / RT

It is a function that you can feed the favorite tweets to your timeline. Use it when you want to share it with a friend (follower). Just click on the retweet mark. Tweets will spread more and more by being retweeted by many users. This is the function symbolizing Twitter’s “high spreading power”.

  • Quoted retweet

It is a function to tweet with comments to other people’s tweets. In the same dialogue as retweet, in the case of quotation retweet, add your own comment and retweet.

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About other functions

  • Direct message / DM

It is a one-on-one message function. When you click “Message” at the top of the Twitter screen, the direct message screen will be launched. Basically, in order to transmit “DM” it can not be sent unless it is followed by recipients, but if you set it to “Receive from all users” in the privacy setting, even if you do not follow it, A message will be available.

  • Moment function

If you set the moment function to arbitrary Tweet you will be able to browse it at the top of the timeline. You can set moment on your own tweet or tweet by other users. You can also make your own original moment with “Create Moment” on the right side of the screen and tweet it. It is often used for promoting companies and products.

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Signal, the secure communication app recommended by Snowden

The program of Ana Rosa de Telecinco has revealed a series of text messages sent between the express Carles Puigdemont and the ex-counselor Toni Comín through the instant messaging app Signal. What is this app about and how is it different from others better known as WhatsApp?

The initial launch of Signal took place in July 2014. The app focuses on offering users privacy and security in communications. To do this, the messages and calls made through this application are always encrypted from end to end, in order to avoid their interception. In this way, Signal prevents a person outside of a conversation from reading conversations using a sniffer program, used to capture network traffic.

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Also, Signal only collects three relevant data about its users, according to its Privacy Policy: the registration phone number, the IP address and the contacts stored in your mobile phone (necessary to establish communication). WhatsApp, on the other hand, automatically collects numerous data from its users, such as usage and registration information, device information, cookies, as well as the location if the user has authorized it, as informed by its Privacy Policy.

In addition to encryption, Signal tries to ensure the privacy of communications by controlling time: messages can be configured to disappear after a pre-established period of time, between five seconds and a week, in all devices involved in a conversion. WhatsApp not only does not allow this option but it automatically makes backup copies of the conversations.

Signal has been recommended by Edward Snowden, an ex-officer of the United States Intelligence Community who revealed a series of documents related to the existence of secret NSA surveillance programs.

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Signal does not protect from photographs

The signal is not totally invulnerable: Telecinco has obtained messages from Puigdemont and Comín thanks to a photograph made on Toni Comín’s smartphone screen. But could this vulnerability have been avoided? Yes.

In the first place, the conversations between Tomín and Puigdemont could have been deleted automatically if this option had been configured. Also, there are applications, such as PGP Everywhere in iOS or OpenKeychain in Android, that make conversations unintelligible in the eyes of an external observer thanks to a cryptographic method known as asymmetric cryptography.

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How to increase your followers by 90% with targeted Twitter lists


-Started with 470 followers
-In 24 hours, made it to 857

Update: follower count now at 899

Step 1: Determine your Audience

I chose designers, and founders because as a Designer Co-Founder, I knew the topics I tweeted about would resonate with those groups. Then I went into Tactics Cloud and searched for users that I thought would be interested in following me.

Related image

I built groups on Tactics Cloud of users under 5,000 (this is the max twitter allows you to put on one list, this is important in Step 3).

Tactics Cloud’s advanced search engine makes finding and grouping these people fast and easy (impossible to do manually with Twitter).

Examples of the groups I made:

  • Designers in New York (Users on twitter with “designer” in bio and location “New York”)
  • Designers in Toronto (Users on twitter with “designer” in bio and location “Toronto”)
  • Designers in San Francisco (I think you get the pattern..)
  • Co-Founders and Designers (no location filter)
  • UI/UX (no location filter)

Step 2: Prep your profile

Now that I have targeted groups inside of Tactics Cloud, I wanted to ensure my bio clearly stated what I did and why I was worth following.

I also tweeted a few examples of my work to ensure my photos and videos section had design work in it.

Step 3: Exporting Tactics Cloud Groups onto Twitter as Lists

Now that my Tactics Cloud groups were built and my Twitter profile was ready for traffic, I exported each group as a public Twitter lists.


Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.27.33 PM

In less than a day, I picked up close to 400 new followers. Here’s the key – sure I could have gone out and just bought followers, but they would have been random, unengaged, and fake.

The purpose isn’t to simply add followers for “social cred” – it’s to build a community of followers who share the same interests and career goals, because they I know they’ll share and engage in the content I tweet about. Everyone’s goal should be to develop a strong group of engaged followers, not just a larger group of them.

Quality, not quantity.

The Numbers

Lists Exported: 23
Total # of users on all lists: 48,424
# of new followers in 24 hours: 432
Conversion rate: 0.89%

Note: The conversion rate continues to improve as more followers see the notification and start to follow. I haven’t pushed any new lists – not too bad for an hours worth of effort.

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