Letting your friend choose your profile picture has these advantages

Do not know what profile photo to choose? Letting your friend choose your profile picture will bring you great advantages that you can not even imagine.

Choosing a good profile picture is very important nowadays, and that is that social networks have become one of the main communication channels. If you really want to make a good impression, you have to know that letting your friend choose your profile picture has many advantages.

Advantages of letting your friend choose your profile picture

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Choose one in which you really favor. Right now you will be thinking that your friend will always choose the photo in which you get better because she only wants good for you. We do not doubt this good faith on your part, but the reason you choose your best photograph is not that, but it is related to self-perception. We never really see our face, but the image we have of ourselves is mirrored in reality when we see our reflection exclusively. For this reason, in some photographs where we believe we can correctly exit, the rest can perceive us as having a strange posture or gesture.

Opt for the best pose. Continuing with the previous point, we have to say that we are so accustomed to our own reflection that we do not always know how to differentiate the attitudes and the character that we exteriorize with each gesture. Only an external person can tell us if a photograph says of us good things, like honesty, or bad things, like envy.

It will choose one in which you leave with her. Surely your friend chooses a photograph in which you leave together. This will not only indicate that she is one of your best friends, but it will also help you to show to the outside that you are a sociable person to whom many people have affection.

  1. Image result for Letting your friend choose your profile picture

You will come out more natural. You probably think you’re better off when you’re out, but you may not always be right. In fact, your friend probably chooses one in which you will see little makeup or natural, which will give a much closer picture of you.

You’ll look happier. Sometimes we tend to hang photographs with our serious faces because we like that aesthetic, but what always makes a better impression is a beautiful smile. And your friend, do not hesitate, always choose one in which you look really happy.

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How to use SNS “LinkedIn” specialized in business · How to make company page Summary

SNS specialized in business “LinkedIn”. It is not yet major in Japan, but overseas, individuals are widely supported by business people, such as spreading personal connections about work and using e-learning for skill improvement. In addition, we are also making use of enterprises, and they are also used for recruitment and marketing, such as acquiring excellent talent and acquiring potential customers.

About such LinkedIn, we will explain in detail how to create a company page for how to use it.

1. What is LinkedIn (LinkedIn)

LinketIn (LinkedIn) is an SNS specialized in business. Under the mission “Support work and careers of professionals all over the world”, I started in the United States in 2003.

Image result for LinkedIn

Unlike general SNS that posts hobbies and every day, it is characterized by being able to broaden the work connection such as business partners and clients. In Japan, service has started in 2011, but compared with the world there are not so many users.

2. How can I use LinkedIn?

If you are an individual user, you can connect with people in the same industry or occupation and use it to broaden your personal connections. People thinking about getting a job or changing jobs have the function of gathering corporate information and contacting companies.

Not only the individual but also the company can make the page, it is used for appealing business and service of the company. In addition, there are companies that use it as a tool for direct recruiting because they can reach users who are disclosing their careers and skills.

3. About Paid Plan of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is basically free to use, but there are also four types of the pay plan.

Job hunting plan, as its name suggests, is a plan for users looking for jobs or changing jobs. You can contact a recruiter who is not connected, or you can browse data on applicants for recruitment.

A business plan is a plan for business people who want to broaden their work connections and improve their skills.

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A sales plan is a plan that is useful for marketing activities. You can acquire real-time information on business partners and prospects, and save the profiles of people who are likely to become salespeople.

The recruitment plan can take advantage of functions that are beneficial for the recruitment of outstanding people such as collective management of human resources data and tracking candidates for recruitment.

For individuals who want to use without having to skim the LinkedIn and companies wanting to exploit new customers and adopt excellent talents, it is recommended to utilize a toll plan.

4. How to create a LinkedIn account

LinkedIn can create an account for free. When creating a company page, you need to create a personal account in advance. First, I will show you how to create a personal account and then how to create a company page.

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How to use basic information on checking in on Facebook page and how to integrate informal spots

Have you seen the indication “Facebook is in XX (shop/company name)” on Facebook’s news feed? Also, have you noticed the item “Check-in ○” on the Facebook page of the company or store?

Generating services and shop pages on Facebook and sending out information is common, but among the various functions that accompany this Facebook page, the “check-in function” is a function of the store’s PR It is very effective. In this article, I will explain about this “check-in function”.

Table of contents

  1. What is Facebook’s check-in function?
  2. Benefits of Facebook check-in function for companies
  3. How to enable Facebook check-in function
  4. You are checked in to an unofficial Facebook page
  5. Summary

1. What is Facebook ‘s check-in function?

Have you seen the following posts in Facebook News Feed?

Facebook has a “check-in function” that allows you to post your location information when you are at a specific spot.

Image result for Facebook 's check-in

How to check in

If you select “Check in” from the options that come up when you click “What are you doing now?” At the top of the news feed, if the GPS function is enabled, the spot information of the surroundings is automatically displayed I will.

If you disable the GPS function or if you do not see the place you want to check in, candidates for entering a company or shop are displayed in “Location”, so if you select the place you want to check in, You can post in information to your news feed.

Operation with the Facebook application is easier, and when you tap the “check-in” mark right under “What are you doing?” At the top of the application, the place where the surrounding check-in possible is automatically displayed So it is done by tapping the place you want to check in and pressing the submit button.

2. What is the merit of Facebook check-in function for a company?

Whether users can check in on Facebook pages can be changed by the settings of the page administrator. So what is the benefit of having a “check-in function” effective for a company?

The best merit is probably the advertisement/attraction effect.

By announcing that users are visiting their own store and their own store and by commenting on their impressions etc., if the “friends” of the user who saw the news feed is interested, or if they had visited before, they will repeat There is a possibility of becoming an opportunity.

In addition, if you have linked check-in spots with your Facebook page, you can expect actions such as interested users checking detailed information and doing “Like” on the page.

3. How to enable Facebook check-in function

We will introduce in detail how to enable “check-in function”.

Step 1: Select “Edit page information” from “…” on the right of “Like”, “Follow”, “Share” in the lower left corner of the cover page of the Facebook page.

Step 2: Scroll the “Edit Information” screen, check “I have an address” at “Address” and enter the address of your company/store.

In order to raise the accuracy of automatic detection by GPS, it is better to enlarge the map as much as possible and adjust the pin so that it overlaps with the actual place.

Image result for Facebook 's check-in

Step 3: Check “Add customers to business location (address)” at the bottom of the map and click “Save changes” to complete.

About the category of the Facebook page that can use the check-in function

By the way, the categories of Facebook pages that can be checked in are limited to “company/organization” and “local business” at the moment. If you do not seem to be able to activate check-in, you have to change the category.

When you change a category, as you enter a letter in “Category” at the top of the “Edit Information” screen, the choices will come out, so you can add and change by selecting the best one from them.

In addition, since you can register up to three categories, if you are dealing with multiple services and products, please register them.

When checked in to an informal Facebook page spot

In order to create a check-in spot, you will need a Facebook page, so it’s not common for us to have check-in spots for your company or our store already in the usual case.

In general, however, the user has got to make a spot ahead in order to check-in on their own, will gather a lot of check-in to a spot that has been made earlier than the official spot of their Facebook page is also the case that I am awake.

The problem with this case is that if more than one candidate comes out to the place where you tried to check in, the user misunderstands the one with the larger number of check-ins as a regular spot, and it is only for the informal checkpoint It is a situation that check-in number increases.

We will show you how to deal with this situation.

Integrating informal Facebook pages

First, open an informal spot and click the link “Owner of this spot” displayed in the lower right of the cover photo.

Then you will see a screen of “(owner’s request) (spot)”.

Here are two ways to respond, the first is to integrate this spot on the Facebook certified official Facebook page.

The other one is to become the owner of this spot by following the procedure of telephone confirmation or document submission.

In case of becoming the owner of the spot, upload scans and photographs of public certificates such as “Utility Fee Receipt”, “Business License”, “Tax Payment Certificate”, “Company Establishment Agreement”, and apply to Facebook to approve it is needed.

Acquire certification mark ( supplement )

Even if you integrate informal pages and spots in this way, it is not necessarily the case that another informal spot will not occur in the future.

In such a case, if you acquire a certification mark to prove that your Facebook page is official, it will always be given priority to the top. You can avoid users from checking in to informal pages.

Related image

4. Conclusion

Although it is an effective Facebook page as a place of business information dissemination, by enabling the check-in function, you can expect more efficient advertisement/customer attraction effect.

To make the most of that advantage, you also need to check whether informal pages or informal check-in spots are not made. This is because if you can not direct the user to the Facebook page of your company or store properly, no matter how good information you send, you will be out of the air.

By taking measures to ensure that the user can check in to the official page even if taking some trouble of getting the certification mark and maintaining the spot, information dissemination on the Facebook page will be even more effective I will.

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What is Twitter DM bot (Direct Message Chat Bot)? Benefits and Use Cases 6 Selection

Do you know that you can use the features of the chatbot with Twitter’s direct message?

By direct message, it is possible to communicate one-to-one with users and to some extent personalized communication.

Similar chatbots have already been used on LINE and Facebook, but similar images can be used with Twitter direct messages (detailed functions and possibilities are different). If LINE’s auto answer function is used, many people may have used it as a user?

In this article, we will explain in detail about the direct message chatbot of Twitter, the actual use case and the merit of utilizing it.

Table of contents

  1. What is Twitter DM bot (Twitter Direct Message Chat Bot)
  2. Use case of Twitter DM bot
  3. Benefits of using Twitter DM bot (Twitter direct message chatbot)
  4. How is Twitter DM bot (Twitter Direct Message Chat Bot) effective?
  5. Summary

1. What is Twitter DM bot (Twitter direct message chatbot)

Twitter Direct Message Chat Bot (hereinafter Twitter DM bot) is a function that can automatically reply to messages received on Twitter DM.

In 2016 API has already been released for developers, and some developers were able to develop bots.

In the announcement of April 2017, functions such as welcome message and quick reply are updated. As a result, the field not only one specific answer, such as the inquiry of the scheduled delivery of pizza orders and luggage, practical uses can now.

Along with sending text messages as well as location information, companies such as Evernote, Pizza Hut, Airbnb, etc. have used this system for their own services. Because we can freely develop using API, it is thought that various enterprises will continue to use it.

This video is an image when using Twitter DM bot for delivery inquiries. Just enter the tracking number of the package, you will immediately reply the delivery schedule.

In addition, Twitter itself does not call it “Bot (bot)” but uses the name such as “welcome message” “quick reply”.

“Welcome message” and “quick reply”

As a case to utilize Twitter DM bot in companies, you can use reply to specific keywords and use of functions such as welcome message and quick reply.

Twitter What is a “welcome message” in a direct message

A welcome message is a message displayed from the beginning on the DM screen.

When a user tries to send a DM, it always gets in the eyes, so you can deliver the message you want to convey accurately. In addition to self-introduction, greetings, explanation of how to use, etc., various ways of use such as campaign information and corporate brand image can be considered.

It is also possible to display originality content by setting not only text but also images and links.

By setting up such a welcome message, you can lower the psychological barriers of users and expect to be able to start a conversation smoothly.

Twitter Direct message “quick reply”

Quick reply is a mechanism that makes it easy for users to send messages by presenting choices. By setting arbitrary buttons such as inquiry contents and question items, the user can easily send a message by pressing these buttons.

This quick reply function can also be used for promotion tweets displayed on the timeline.

In this way the format with the button in the tweet is called direct message card, you can install up to 4 buttons. A user can send a direct message by simply pushing a button in the advertisement tweet, so it is possible to make inquiries easily.

2. Examples of using Twitter DM bot

Let’s see a case where you actually use Twitter DM bot.

Case 1: NBA (@ NBA)

In the North American professional basketball league NBA account, answer your favorite team, you can introduce Twitter accounts for that team and watch videos about NBA.

It makes a brief explanation with a welcome message, which makes it easier to understand what to do. In addition, the team name is only selected by quick reply function, so you do not have to bother entering.

Case 2: ToysRUs (@ ToysRUs)

In Toys R Us, a toy sales company, it is now possible to inquire about mail-order sales. As you enter the order number, the customer service team will be contacted to help you achieve faster customer support. In addition, users can obtain various kinds of information by choosing inquiries about shops and explanations of birthday members by quick reply.

Case 3: The Economist (@ The Economist)

Economist, which distributes economic and international news, various categories are set as a quick reply option. If you select something that interests you, it will recommend articles that match that category.

In addition to being able to read the article on the linked site, you can introduce the article by tweet. Without searching on the site, you can efficiently search articles you want to read.

Case 4: United Airlines (@united)

With United Airlines account, you can search for flights departing from your current location and check flight information. We utilize the location information sending function installed in April 2017, and when the user shares location information we will present a couple of flights from where we are now.

You can also check the flight status by entering the flight number of the aircraft.

Case 5: The Weather Network (@weathernetwork)

In the Weather Network account that weather information is delivered, we will tell you the weather by entering the region name.

The weather forecast is displayed instantly simply by selecting the current weather, the weather forecast for the time, the weather forecast for the week etc. from the quick reply. Since I will save the region name I entered once, when I want to check the weather next time it is easy to just press the quick reply button.

Case 6: Ask Dyson (@ AskDyson)

AskDyson is an account of Dyson’s customer service team. You can get support by contacting the serial number, address and telephone number of the product you want to contact with DM. We urge users to send DMs to reply, so we can support smoothly .

3. Benefits of using Twitter DM bot (Twitter direct message chatbot)

Although overseas have already used some cases, there are merits for both companies and users when using Twitter DM bot.

Benefits for companies

From the standpoint of the company side, reduction of man-hours for inquiries will be a big advantage.

If you can automate reply to inquiries coming from users as much as possible, you can greatly reduce the effort required by people. If you set simple answers, you can answer automatically if you set answers, and you can respond more quickly than people do. This will shorten the time users wait for a reply and increase customer satisfaction.

Benefits for users

Because you are not a human but a bot partner, users can feel free to contact us then email or phone. There is no need to worry about time and holidays, so it will be a great merit to have a reply soon.

Depending on the settings, DM can be sent even if you do not follow the company account, so it is convenient not to need procedures like adding friends from LINE. Also, if Quick Reply is set, you only need to press the button of the choice, and you do not have to take the trouble of writing sentences.

4. How is usage effective for Twitter DM bot (Twitter direct message chatbot)?

So, if you would like to incorporate Twitter DM bot, what kind of usage can be considered? Let’s think about some examples based on the case.

1. Automate customer support

General questions such as individual necessity are not necessarily enough, Twitter DM bot is enough to correspond. Also, as with AskDyson, the first contact with customer support will be accepted from DM, after that the operator will respond effectively.

Especially if the target layer of products and services is a young generation, customer support using Twitter DM bot is thought to be accepted without resistance.

2. Recommendation of entertainment content

Telling your favorite team in the example of NBA will introduce the Twitter account, it will be easier for users to accept content recommendations tailored to their preferences. The usage of introducing news articles like Economist not only improves the user’s convenience but also makes it possible for companies to accurately deliver contents to target users.

If you answer the question, you tell us recommended music and taught cooking recipes tailored to your taste, and it seems that there are various ways to use it.

3. Utilization of location information

Like United Airlines, it is also effective to utilize location information. The user can obtain information on the current location simply by sending the location information without entering an address etc. This makes it possible to use such as recommending shops located near the place you are at present or providing sightseeing information.

4. Fun Content

If it is an account that has become a character, you can think about how you can enjoy the conversation with the character by devising a reply. Also, is not it compatible with diagnostic content such as fortunetelling and psychological tests, that the configuration that chooses options according to questions?

5. Conclusion

By using Twitter DM bot, we found that both companies and users benefit. Since we had few cases in Japan yet, we introduced mainly examples of overseas accounts, but in the future, the number of companies to utilize in the future may increase.

Twitter that can be connected easily to businesses is easy to receive content of entertainment and retrospect, and Twitter DM but can also be utilized uniquely.

The introduction of chatbots has already begun in LINE and Facebook. For bots other than Twitter please see the following article.

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How to use Facebook! Basic terminology that starts from scratch

It is no longer a matter for a company to use Facebook. However, for those who do not have the habit of using SNS, there are many things they do not understand.

First of all, for those who are beginners to understand Facebook, I want to know first, like! · We will explain the basic terms such as share and timeline in an easy to understand manner with images.

Table of contents

  1. About Facebook
  2. Terminology related to Facebook
  3. Summary

1. About Facebook

Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social networking services (SNS). Facebook that played a big role in becoming a social network that SNS has deeply penetrated into people’s everyday life. As of 2017, it is a huge platform with 2 billion monthly active users.

Image result for How to use Facebook

A big feature of Facebook was that registration based on the real name was based, unlike other SNS where handle name was commonly used. The connection of individuals based on such actual situation has expanded, and the use of companies is becoming commonplace now.

2. Terminology related to Facebook

What is a personal page?

This is a personal account page used by Facebook general users. Real name registration is necessary, and friends can only make up to 5000 people. Your posts will be posted in the timeline of your personal page.


The timeline is the place where articles, pictures, self-introductions, friends, etc. that I posted so far have collected. Click the username in the top navigation bar to display the timeline.

When looking for people you know on Facebook, we will use this time line’s information to determine if you are really looking for a person.


You can find friends you know on Facebook and have friends on Facebook. Friends’ posts are displayed in news feeds, and messages can be exchanged.

  • News Feed (Home screen)

This page is displayed when you log in to Facebook. In the news feed, you will see posts from Facebook pages that have become friends or fans. In addition to the news feed, it is sometimes called home screen.

  • Friend Request / Approval

In a friend request, you can approve the user who sent you a request to himself, or you can send a request from yourself by clicking “Become friends” from the saturation function that you might know. Since there is also a function that allows you to search for friends, you can also apply for a request by looking for friends other than those you might know.

What is Facebook Page

Unlike a personal page, you can register with a company name or product name other than your real name. On a Facebook page, it’s good for your page instead of a friend request! You can become a fan. Posts on pages that became fans will be shown in your news feed.

Related image

About page fans

  • Fans (= those who pushed the page to the page)

It is good for the Facebook page! The person who did it is called “fan”. On the page that is a fan, the display on the upper left part of the Facebook page is displayed as “Like” like images.

  • Number of fans

It is good for the Facebook page! It refers to the number of users doing.

About initial setting of page

  • cover picture

It is a big picture at the top of Facebook page and timeline. It is also an image that determines the impression of the first view of the Facebook page.

  • Profile photo

It is a picture showing the owner of the account. It appears on posting and next to comments.

About button operation

  • I like it! button

Like on Facebook! There are two kinds.  It is good for posting! It is a function to convey the response to posted content. On the other hand, this is good for the Facebook page! If you press this button you will become a fan of that page. How nice! Press, to XY friends’ news feed, good for ○○! There are times when posts are displayed in the form that I did.

  • Comment

You can comment on posts on the timeline using letters/ images/icons. For Facebook pages, you can use this function to deepen interaction with fans.

  • Share

It is a button that you can share (share) posts. When you share a post, the corresponding post is displayed on your timeline and it is made public to friends. However, the scope of the disclosure and the place to share can be changed. Share is said to have the most diffuse effect among actions on Facebook.

About posting operation

  • Tagging

This is a function to add friends on Facebook to posts. Clicking on “Post Friend” to “Tag Friend” opens a dialog and you can tag with Facebook by connecting the name of a connected friend.

While inputting, the appropriate friends are displayed in the projection, so you can choose from among them. It is common to tag people who are shown in the posted photos or people introduced in sentences in the post. When you tag a friend, you will see the tagged post on that friend’s timeline as well (you can also set whether to display tagged posts on the timeline or approval system).

About Insight


It is a numerical value to know how many users have reached the contents sent from the Facebook page. There are the following types of reach

  • Organic Reach

Number of unique users who saw the content on the Facebook page, news feed, real-time feed

  • Reviews Reach

Number of unique users who saw content my friend’s action

  • Paid Reach

Number of unique users who saw Facebook advertisements or sponsored articles related to page content

Engagement rate

The engagement rate on Facebook is also almost identical in meaning, and it is used especially to indicate “the degree of closeness of fans to posts”.

Currently, Facebook has two ways to capture the engagement rate

  • New engagement rate

It is an indicator which can be confirmed on Facebook at the moment, “It is that the post has reached, and” likes “, comments, shares, or clicks on posts.

(Good for posting! · Comment · Number of people who shared or clicked) ÷ reach reach

Related image

  • Old Engagement Rate

This is an indicator that was recognized before the introduction of the new engagement rate, and it shows “How much response was obtained to the number of fans of the whole page”.

(Come on the post! + Comment + share) ÷ number of fans on the page


It is the number of times a post is displayed to the user. The difference with the reach number is that the reach number refers to the “number of people” who saw posts and advertisements, whereas the number of impressions refers to “times” when viewing posts and advertisements.

Action rate

It is an index obtained by adding “click number” to the numerator of the old engagement rate. Unlike the new engagement rate, it is an index that keeps the denominator constant.

(Comment on + Post + Comment + Share + Clicks) ÷ Number of fans on the page

3. Summary

We introduced terms that should be kept to the minimum in order to use Facebook. Please also look at other glossaries of SNS.

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[For beginners] I know how to use Twitter! Basic terminology that starts from scratch

Twitter is a popular SNS that is popular among young people in Japan. There are many cases that companies use for marketing. This time I would like to keep it as a marketer, I summarized basic knowledge of Twitter and basic terms.

Table of contents

  • About Twitter
  • Twitter-related glossary
  • Summary

What is Twitter

Image result for how to use Twitter!

Today, about 45 million people are using it in Japan. In terms of the number of users in the world as a whole, it is over 300 million people, and it is one of the SNSs with many users.

The main function is a simple thing of posting up to 140 characters of text (= tweet) at a time. However, it is more diffusive than Facebook and Instagram because it has the characteristic that the tweet originated by “Retweet” function is diffused one after another to other users.

Also, unlike SNS connected by approval of accounts, it is characterized in that it often follows one’s way (such as favorite registration) users who do whatever they prefer. Because it connects with hobbies and interests, it is one of the attractions that makes it easy to interact with people you do not know at all.

Twitter-related glossary

Here I will introduce the terms frequently used on Twitter with a brief explanation.

  • Tweet

“Tweet” is to post texts, images, videos, etc. on Twitter. You can enter text in the long input field on the top screen. You can post up to 140 letters in one post, and the number of tweets is displayed on the right side of the home screen. Sometimes it is called “tweets”

  • Timeline / TL

When you open Twitter, the screen that appears first will be called “Timeline”. Tweets of others and tweets of others are displayed in chronological order. Following your favorite account will make it appear preferentially like images.

About follow

Image result for how to use Twitter!

  • Follow

When you find a user who tweets your interests and preferences, click “Follow” like an image. By doing so, the tweets you followed will be displayed in the TL in the center of the screen. Following a follow-up similar to a regular subscriber in a newspaper or magazine, you can see that the followers have increased to the other party.

Following is basically done unilaterally, there is no need to approve or accept. Approval is required only when following a keyed (unpublished) account.

  • Followers

It refers to those who regularly read their tweets = followers.

  • Supplement: follow-back

Follow and return the person who followed you. It is called “Follower” for short.

About the basic operation of each tweet

  • Reply (Reply) / tweet

It is a function to reply to tweets. Sometimes it is called “rip” for short.

  • good

It is a function that you can feel empathy with ease to the content you posted. You can also view the tweets you’ve liked ‘at a later time, so you can use it as a favorite list. Just pressing the heart mark makes “Good” complete.

  • Retweet / RT

It is a function that you can feed the favorite tweets to your timeline. Use it when you want to share it with a friend (follower). Just click on the retweet mark. Tweets will spread more and more by being retweeted by many users. This is the function symbolizing Twitter’s “high spreading power”.

  • Quoted retweet

It is a function to tweet with comments to other people’s tweets. In the same dialogue as retweet, in the case of quotation retweet, add your own comment and retweet.

Image result for how to use Twitter!

About other functions

  • Direct message / DM

It is a one-on-one message function. When you click “Message” at the top of the Twitter screen, the direct message screen will be launched. Basically, in order to transmit “DM” it can not be sent unless it is followed by recipients, but if you set it to “Receive from all users” in the privacy setting, even if you do not follow it, A message will be available.

  • Moment function

If you set the moment function to arbitrary Tweet you will be able to browse it at the top of the timeline. You can set moment on your own tweet or tweet by other users. You can also make your own original moment with “Create Moment” on the right side of the screen and tweet it. It is often used for promoting companies and products.

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Signal, the secure communication app recommended by Snowden

The program of Ana Rosa de Telecinco has revealed a series of text messages sent between the express Carles Puigdemont and the ex-counselor Toni Comín through the instant messaging app Signal. What is this app about and how is it different from others better known as WhatsApp?

The initial launch of Signal took place in July 2014. The app focuses on offering users privacy and security in communications. To do this, the messages and calls made through this application are always encrypted from end to end, in order to avoid their interception. In this way, Signal prevents a person outside of a conversation from reading conversations using a sniffer program, used to capture network traffic.

Image result for Signal, the secure communication app

Also, Signal only collects three relevant data about its users, according to its Privacy Policy: the registration phone number, the IP address and the contacts stored in your mobile phone (necessary to establish communication). WhatsApp, on the other hand, automatically collects numerous data from its users, such as usage and registration information, device information, cookies, as well as the location if the user has authorized it, as informed by its Privacy Policy.

In addition to encryption, Signal tries to ensure the privacy of communications by controlling time: messages can be configured to disappear after a pre-established period of time, between five seconds and a week, in all devices involved in a conversion. WhatsApp not only does not allow this option but it automatically makes backup copies of the conversations.

Signal has been recommended by Edward Snowden, an ex-officer of the United States Intelligence Community who revealed a series of documents related to the existence of secret NSA surveillance programs.

Image result for Signal, the secure communication app

Signal does not protect from photographs

The signal is not totally invulnerable: Telecinco has obtained messages from Puigdemont and Comín thanks to a photograph made on Toni Comín’s smartphone screen. But could this vulnerability have been avoided? Yes.

In the first place, the conversations between Tomín and Puigdemont could have been deleted automatically if this option had been configured. Also, there are applications, such as PGP Everywhere in iOS or OpenKeychain in Android, that make conversations unintelligible in the eyes of an external observer thanks to a cryptographic method known as asymmetric cryptography.

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How to increase your followers by 90% with targeted Twitter lists


-Started with 470 followers
-In 24 hours, made it to 857

Update: follower count now at 899

Step 1: Determine your Audience

I chose designers, and founders because as a Designer Co-Founder, I knew the topics I tweeted about would resonate with those groups. Then I went into Tactics Cloud and searched for users that I thought would be interested in following me.

Related image

I built groups on Tactics Cloud of users under 5,000 (this is the max twitter allows you to put on one list, this is important in Step 3).

Tactics Cloud’s advanced search engine makes finding and grouping these people fast and easy (impossible to do manually with Twitter).

Examples of the groups I made:

  • Designers in New York (Users on twitter with “designer” in bio and location “New York”)
  • Designers in Toronto (Users on twitter with “designer” in bio and location “Toronto”)
  • Designers in San Francisco (I think you get the pattern..)
  • Co-Founders and Designers (no location filter)
  • UI/UX (no location filter)

Step 2: Prep your profile

Now that I have targeted groups inside of Tactics Cloud, I wanted to ensure my bio clearly stated what I did and why I was worth following.

I also tweeted a few examples of my work to ensure my photos and videos section had design work in it.

Step 3: Exporting Tactics Cloud Groups onto Twitter as Lists

Now that my Tactics Cloud groups were built and my Twitter profile was ready for traffic, I exported each group as a public Twitter lists.


Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.27.33 PM

In less than a day, I picked up close to 400 new followers. Here’s the key – sure I could have gone out and just bought followers, but they would have been random, unengaged, and fake.

The purpose isn’t to simply add followers for “social cred” – it’s to build a community of followers who share the same interests and career goals, because they I know they’ll share and engage in the content I tweet about. Everyone’s goal should be to develop a strong group of engaged followers, not just a larger group of them.

Quality, not quantity.

The Numbers

Lists Exported: 23
Total # of users on all lists: 48,424
# of new followers in 24 hours: 432
Conversion rate: 0.89%

Note: The conversion rate continues to improve as more followers see the notification and start to follow. I haven’t pushed any new lists – not too bad for an hours worth of effort.

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