Are You Making a Major Security Mistake With PaaS?

Information security leaders and professionals are not clear on the differences between platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service solutions. We need to offer precise information about these differences — otherwise, we merely end up with the troubling issues. The confusion between PaaS and SaaS can have some serious security implications. Are you making a major security mistake with…

Four Keys To Making Compliance Exciting, Not Burdensome

Four Keys To Making Compliance Exciting, Not Burdensome

We tend to think of regulations as a set of rules rather than a set of best practices, which is unfortunate. Noncompliance can directly lead to fines and fees, but the real damage comes from tarnished reputations, diminished consumer confidence, and shrinking bottom lines. Regardless of perception, regulations really exist to protect companies from their…


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