Facebook launches version of Messenger for children

The social network Facebook announced on Monday the release of a version of the Messenger application aimed at children, in order to provide more security for this audience.

Messenger Kids will work in much the same way as the traditional app, but users will only be able to send GIFs appropriate for their age and will work within an ad-free environment and with an account previously installed by their parents. In addition, parents can add or delete contacts from their child’s account.

Failure to play ads on Messenger Kids means that Facebook will barely collect information from those users. The application will show previous messages for each conversation and display the users with whom there is a higher relationship at the top of the contact list.

The company explained that it paid special attention to the installation of tools to detect abusive content on this platform.

Unlike the traditional version of Facebook, those under 13 will not have accounts associated with the application. The company’s current policy does not allow minors of that age to have accounts.

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The decision of the company to create this version of Messenger is due to the volume of children who use tablets and smartphones. It is estimated that more than 90% of children between the ages of six and 12 have access to tablets and smartphones, according to figures from the Dubit consulting firm.

“In our research, there is always one issue that stands out: parents want to know who they have control of. They want a certain level of control over their digital world that is similar to the level they have in the real world,” said Antigone Davis, principal global Facebook security.

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How to increase your followers by 90% with targeted Twitter lists


-Started with 470 followers
-In 24 hours, made it to 857

Update: follower count now at 899

Step 1: Determine your Audience

I chose designers, and founders because as a Designer Co-Founder, I knew the topics I tweeted about would resonate with those groups. Then I went into Tactics Cloud and searched for users that I thought would be interested in following me.

Related image

I built groups on Tactics Cloud of users under 5,000 (this is the max twitter allows you to put on one list, this is important in Step 3).

Tactics Cloud’s advanced search engine makes finding and grouping these people fast and easy (impossible to do manually with Twitter).

Examples of the groups I made:

  • Designers in New York (Users on twitter with “designer” in bio and location “New York”)
  • Designers in Toronto (Users on twitter with “designer” in bio and location “Toronto”)
  • Designers in San Francisco (I think you get the pattern..)
  • Co-Founders and Designers (no location filter)
  • UI/UX (no location filter)

Step 2: Prep your profile

Now that I have targeted groups inside of Tactics Cloud, I wanted to ensure my bio clearly stated what I did and why I was worth following.

I also tweeted a few examples of my work to ensure my photos and videos section had design work in it.

Step 3: Exporting Tactics Cloud Groups onto Twitter as Lists

Now that my Tactics Cloud groups were built and my Twitter profile was ready for traffic, I exported each group as a public Twitter lists.


Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.27.33 PM

In less than a day, I picked up close to 400 new followers. Here’s the key – sure I could have gone out and just bought followers, but they would have been random, unengaged, and fake.

The purpose isn’t to simply add followers for “social cred” – it’s to build a community of followers who share the same interests and career goals, because they I know they’ll share and engage in the content I tweet about. Everyone’s goal should be to develop a strong group of engaged followers, not just a larger group of them.

Quality, not quantity.

The Numbers

Lists Exported: 23
Total # of users on all lists: 48,424
# of new followers in 24 hours: 432
Conversion rate: 0.89%

Note: The conversion rate continues to improve as more followers see the notification and start to follow. I haven’t pushed any new lists – not too bad for an hours worth of effort.

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