Alibaba To Invest $28 Billion In Cloud Solutions After Coronavirus Boosted Demand

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  • Pffft … that would not even cover a tenth of our 1st stage little service bailout … you realize we’re printing those Benjamins faster than old Fred lost his dingaling.

    ‘ Fred,’ he replies.
    ‘ Fred what?’ the officer asks.
    ‘ Just Fred,’ the guy reacts.
    The officer remains in a good state of mind and believes he may simply offer the cyclist a.
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  • Alibaba is Chinese so I presume all cloud services come with a totally free complimentary stealing of 100%of your data and providing it straight to the Chinese intelligence companies.

    • Regrettably too few individuals understand that company in China does not work like it does all over else. Every significant organisation is an arm of the gov’ t; it would not exist otherwise.

      So all their shitty Tencent video games, Zoom conferences and TikTok videos are actively being utilized for espionage – not just selling advertisements like the shitbag American companies.

      China is at war with us and has been for decades, up until now that senator from Wisconsin telling the CCP to fuck off with the pro-China CV dealing with news release they attempted to get him to release is the just one I’ve heard state anything appealing,

      It’s a shame we have numerous traitor presidents, senators, etc on both sides (Clinton got China in the World Trade Company and didn’t acknowledge Taiwan as a country. Bush’s professional China, Xi described him as an “old good friend” when senior passed away. The list is a long one and fucking pitiful to see.)

      That’s the problem with money being all that matters – your opponents can pay you to hang yourself.

      • There’s a hypothesis that when nations reach a particular level of comfort (they aren’t fretted about food and shelter, and can purchase Gucci), they begin wanting freedom of speech and democracy. This has actually happened in several nations all over the world, so it would not be unmatched if it occurred in China, too.

        • You clearly have not been to China. With the exception of some academics and artists, the large bulk of people on the street would gladly tolerate an authorities state with limited flexibilities if they think they can benefit economically. You’ll see a bloody transformation if there is any obstacle to that and for a transformation, you need a critical mass of individuals. Not too many Chinese want to challenge “the guy” considering that TianAnMen square and those with their hands on the tiller know that any noteworthy c

          • You clearly haven’t been to China.

            Well you’re wrong there lol

        • the difficulty is, the totalitariuan routine will send out tanks in if it feels it has to, it does send police in, and it does spy on everybody to find out who to drag off to the gulag.

  • Some individuals desired it 30 years ago.

  • China is at war with us and has actually been for decades

    Yeah those utter bastards!
    Forcing me to purchase power tools like jigsaws that are actually 10%of the rate I paid in the 80 s.
    Forcing me to purchase mobile phones that are as effective as a supercomputer from the 80 s for the price of an hour or 2’s wages.
    Stop it you bastards! I can’t take it any more!
    Why can’t you just bomb our entire facilities into the stoneage and offer us the costs for reconstructing it like the excellent ol’ U.S.A. does?
    Jesus, we get it that some Americans aren’t pleased about not being the only supe

    • Wait up until you lose your task since its gone to China too.

      How will you buy anything after that?

      there’s a balance to the world that is requyired for everybody to live happily ever after, China gladly upsets that for their advantage, screw you. You just do not understand it’ll take place -.

      • there’s a balance to the world that is requyired for everybody to live gladly ever after, China happily upsets that for their benefit

        How fucking dare they!
        There we were, the western world, just cruising along promoting peace love and mung beans with military action after military action, puppet regime after puppet routine and country damaging sanction after nation damaging sanction … and after that fucking China occur and distress the balance for their advantage!!
        Those absolute fucking cunts!!!
        You may wish to look into a history book in relation to China’s treatment by the west over the last couple of hundred years. Start by looking int

  • Why should they be various there than here? Except here, they might be required to ask, whereas there it’s more likely to be automatic.

        • Oddly enough, that claim is indistinguishable from something you simply comprised on the area.

  • In this case, all data out of China will vanish off United States cloud service so the CIA and NSA can not take the information. You can wager the federal government of China will prohibit foreign cloud services from Chinese government and Chinese business networking.

  • For PPE, medicines, “cloud services”, phones, honestly or anything else actually. The last 4 months ought to have taught all of us this.

    • However their servant labour is so temptingly low-cost …

      • That hasn’t held true for many years. Their labor isn’t especially cheap anymore. Businesses are tempted by the mirage of access to the Chinese market along with the efficient supply chain. A totalitarian state can be quite efficient at handling facilities and supply chains … for a while.

  • Anyone trusting their data to Alibaba’s cloud is effectively not thinking about security or personal privacy. If you just desire an inexpensive place to save stuff you don’t care about, then sure.

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