5 Phone Hacks for Travelers That Will Assist Make Your Next Trip a Great Deal Easier

5 Phone Hacks for Travelers That Will Assist Make Your Next Trip a Great Deal Easier

Travel Learn these tricks to turn your phone into the best personal assistant ever. Image credit: Alexander Spatari | Getty Images March 27, 2019 6 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. I travel a lot. And by a lot, I mean really a lot. I’ve flown more than two million miles and spent…


Find out these tricks to turn your phone into the best personal assistant ever.

5 Phone Hacks for Travelers That Will Help Make Your Next Trip a Whole Lot Easier

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6 min read.

Viewpoints revealed by Entrepreneur factors are their own.

I travel a lot. And by a lot, I mean truly a lot. I’ve flown more than two million miles and spent more than 1,000 nights in hotel spaces Did I point out that I travel a lot? Here are some things I’ve discovered my phone’s ability to make my journeys a lot smoother that I hope you can utilize on your next trip. Pleased tracks!

1. Turn your calendar into a Swiss Army knife.

If you’re not utilizing a calendar that’s synced between your phone and laptop or is cloud-based (like on Google) then stop checking out and go figure that out today, dinosaur.

Your calendar is an extremely powerful and valuable tool which can solve a lot of problems, however only if you utilize it effectively. Initially, mobile calendars automatically change for the time difference when you travel, showing your appointments, flights and appointments in the regional time (the time in the place you remain in). So, if you put in all your flights, consultations, and so on, into the calendar, you’ll always understand what’s what. If you’re working on the road overseas, and need to be on conference calls back in the U.S., the appointments you made in your calendar prior to you left will reveal in the regional time, so you will not get puzzled and miss calls and due dates.

Pro idea: Include in all the details of your flights and hotel appointments, as well as the contact number and addresses of your destinations into the notes for each appointment. Isn’t that a lot of work? Nope. The majority of verification emails from hotels and airline companies include a link or an attachment which do it instantly with a click. When you’re done, discovering your way to your next appointment is a single discuss the address in your calendar– the navigation app opens automagically– and all the details about your next activity will be right there. No more frantically browsing your e-mails for addresses and telephone number.

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2. Add a 1 to all your U.S. contact numbers.

When you’re overseas, the numbers in your phone may not work properly, or not at all, because every nation has its own unique way of calling contact number. Adding 1 (1 is the nation code for the U.S.) prior to all your important U.S. telephone number in your mobile address book will generally repair all of that so that you’re able simply to utilize your phone as you generally would. Otherwise, you’re going to need to discover the prefix (” exit code”) for each nation you go to, because even your home number is an international call when you’re overseas.

Pro pointer: Ensure your individual contact details is kept properly (including the 1) and complete. Sharing your contact card is a very tech-savvy look when people “request your number”– simply be sure there’s absolutely nothing saved in there you do not desire to share (like your house address or passwords– yes, some individuals do that). You can create a 2nd contact card (” individual”) if you desire to have one with all your secret deets.

3. Update your passcode.

If you don’t utilize a complex passcode to unlock your phone, you’re asking for trouble. Besides having all your personal information, pictures and who knows what else in it, your phone is the most perfect method for thieves to steal your identity Thieves can utilize your phone to send and receive texts and emails impersonating you, and can reset every password you have: banks, social websites, medical records, your video doorbell, webcams … Plus they can send out photos to your ex that might cause even bigger problems. And don’t ignore the codes to open your laptop computer or tablet you might leave in the hotel while you’re out. In the age of the cloud, access to any of those gadgets presents the very same open entrance to making your life unpleasant.

Pro Pointer: If you’re using finger print or FaceID to unlock your phone, great for you, but keep in mind when you initially bought the phone and set the password to “000 0” since you never ever use it? Oops. Your phone’s password bypass simply as easily opens it, so make it something complicated as if your life depends on it.

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4. Get your airline and hotel apps.

Prior to you leave, download the apps for your hotel and airline and check in. The apps will quickly upgrade you about flight hold-ups and gate modifications and frequently use regional ideas and events throughout your stay. Most importantly, you’ll be able to make quick adjustments to appointments on the move, so changing a flight or extending a hotel stay is a little less unpleasant.

Pro pointer: These apps also consist of the correct international phone number to reach appointments and customer support, in addition to the direct number to your hotel.

5. Your video camera is good for more than selfies.

If your phone is not from the bronze age, and you have location services switched on, the photos you take with your phone are specifically geotagged. This allows you to discover a location you checked out, or discover more details about something you might have seen, utilizing the place embedded into the photo’s metadata. (Do not stress over the tech– the phone does the work for you). Forgot to make a note of the name of that incredible locals-only bar? Opening a photo you took will enable you to find the area, and the majority of the time, the exact name.

Pro tip: Keep in mind that GPS works best outdoors, so if it’s someplace you truly wish to keep in mind, make certain to take a photo when you’re leaving.

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