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Natalie Hemingway

Fashion Designer, Stylist. Founder of Feed Projects, House of Dereon.

Laura Rickles

Designer, Artist, Writer. Jet Setting Global Fashionista.

KC Lemus

Aspiring Artist, Designer, Illustrator and Super Hero.

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Eliminate the Tipped Minimum Wage

Eliminate the Tipped Minimum Wage

Most people who live income to paycheck can still usually prepare in two-week increments, however Sarah May-Seward plans “shift to move.” She makes $40 per shift at a bar in White Lake Town in Michigan. Her days can last longer than 11 hours, but under...

China’s tech titans defend cloud control

China’s tech titans defend cloud control

INTERVIEW: CEO Maaz Sheikh sees business soar as Saudi viewers turn to streaming services Maaz Sheikh has had a good lockdown. The founder and CEO of Starzplay, the Middle East’s leading entertainment streaming channel, saw his business soar as curfews, social distancing and travel restrictions left people with little to do apart from slump in…

The True Story of the Freed Slave Kneeling at Lincoln’s Feet

The True Story of the Freed Slave Kneeling at Lincoln’s Feet

We live in a moment of literally falling heroes. The Emancipation Memorial in Washington, D.C.—a statue erected in 1876, funded by money donated by former slaves, and designed and commissioned by whites—features Abraham Lincoln towering over a kneeling and shirtless African American man with broken shackles around his wrists. Considerable ink has been spilled discussing…


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