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Natalie Hemingway

Fashion Designer, Stylist. Founder of Feed Projects, House of Dereon.

Laura Rickles

Designer, Artist, Writer. Jet Setting Global Fashionista.

KC Lemus

Aspiring Artist, Designer, Illustrator and Super Hero.

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The Right Needs Their Own Boycott: Social Media

The Right Needs Their Own Boycott: Social Media

Liberals have been winning the culture war due to their financial pressure on corporations. Why can’t we? This image illustration taken on March 22, 2018 reveals a lady taking a look at Social Networking applications Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp,...

TikTok and America’s Bleak Techno-Nationalism

TikTok and America’s Bleak Techno-Nationalism

Whatever passes for industrial policy in the United States seems to revolve around the petulant whims of President Donald Trump. Whether a company will be rewarded with government contracts, castigated on Twitter, or banned from doing business largely depends on the president’s brittle feelings. So it goes with TikTok, the breakthrough Chinese video-sharing app that…


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